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Land Consulting Services

Virtual Consult

Starting at $350

  • You Pick the Topics!! (submit in the text box during booking process)

  • Virtual Review of your land (On-X, Google Earth, etc)

  • Basic Strategies – Stand/Blind Placement, Entrance/Exit, Food Plot Placement, Food Plot Crops, Screening [HOW TO HUNT YOUR LAND TODAY!!!], review pictures of your land (if desired)

  • Complex Strategies – Tree/Shrub Planting, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), Warm Season Native Grass Plantings, Sanctuary designation and creation, water holes

  • Other – Pick Chris’s brain on any topics (shooting, decoying, anything is fair game)

  • When – Choose an available date/time on Chris’s calendar and proceed to booking/payment

  • How – Once a virtual session is booked and accepted, Zoom invite and details will be sent to your email

Boots on the ground consult

Starting at $4800

  •  Initial Zoom Call – Introductory Session up to 2 hours

  • "Boots on the ground" On-Site Visit: This on-site consultation involves a day-long property tour (approximately 6 to 8 hours) to analyze whitetail deer flow, food plots, thermal cover, and entry points that optimize the Client’s success for an undetected presence.

  • Mapping and Recommendations: Detailed mapping with OnX maps will be provided, marked while on-site, and during additional time dedicated to Client.

  • Trail Camera Education: Recommendation on Trail Camera locations, seasonal placement, direction, and usage of cell and non-cell cameras will be discussed.

  • Topography Usage: Understanding the layout of your property and recognizing the significance of thermals and impact of wind direction is essential.

  • Tailored Plans: The Consultant will customize plans for the Client’s specific goals, considering the unique features of their land. Channeling our attention towards them, customizing them to suit your hunting style.


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